Washington University School of Medicine - McDonnell Science Teaching & Training Center

The 85-seat room will serve as a testing center for medical students as well as seminar and lecture space across the campus for all departments.  

In 2015, KWK Architects was engaged by the School of Medicine to re-plan the “leave behind space” in support of the WUSM campus education and related services and develop strategic recommendations for physical space reflecting the strategic vision, best practices, and budget. 

One of the programmatic needs identified in the strategic masterplan was for a dedicated training and teaching center in a convenient location. Part of the “leave behind space” created by new efficiencies developed from the masterplan space was renovated for this much-needed center. 

Located on the ground floor near the café, the center features a wood and glass wall to animate a major corridor. The space is acoustically engineered to eliminate sounds for the corridor and adjacent auditoriums. The space also provides multiple video screens for lecture functions or capability to split the room up into work groups as needed.


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